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Jackson Wang 
Magic Man tour London

On the 12th of January 2023, Jackson gave his UK fan base the most incredible start to the year by stopping in London during his magic man tour.

His entrance alone was a spectacle, the room overflowed with excitement as the smoke filled the stage and the curtains opened. Revealing Jackson in a glass elevator. This entrance was 

From start to finish, Jackson pulled out all the stops. With incredible vocals, striking performances and eye-catching visuals showing us all why he is indeed a magic man and maybe even THE magic man.

original charlie and the chocolate factory movie. Being a long-time listener of Jackson prior to this tour and a fan of his solo and group music. I can liken the magic and joy I felt during this show to that same magic and joy charlie bucket must've felt first entering the chocolate factory. I had an almost overwhelming sense of nostalgia even though I was seeing this performance for the first time. 

almost reminiscent of the glass elevator in the

This show was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I don't believe the shared joy of everyone in that building could ever be replicated. As each song played, fans were drawn in deeper and deeper by the magic of Jackson as an artist, and many were moved by the obvious passion and dedication put into each act.

During the show, it was incredibly apparent that Jackson has amazing chemistry with all of his dancers. Every move was perfectly executed as a unit, with each choreographed interaction appearing so natural. Even though the dancers may have been doing the same choreography, each dancer had their own unique charm and style. 

With each dancer being so individually talented, it was refreshing to see them perform on stage while Jackson prepared for the next part of the show. The fact Jackson works hard to highlight his dancers as well as himself not only speaks volumes about


him as an artist but also explains why each stage and performance had the crowd captivated. this show was a great start to 2023 and I am unsure that any show I have attended in the past or will in the future could top this spectacle.

Jackson, you are not a mystery. You are definitely nothing short of


-Heya Moon

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