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Playground Kard
Tour Review

KARD gets “Dumb Litty” in London’s Electric Ballroom.
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On September 6th, K-pop co-ed group KARD took to the stage and delivered an
electrifying show that had the audience forgetting about the heat and up on their feet!

KARD, consisting of members J.seph, BM, So-min, and Ji-woo, Have been making
waves and setting trends in the K-pop scene since their debut in 2017.

Opening with "ICKY", the title and comeback track from their most recent mini album of
the same name. KARD immediately set the tone for an unforgettable evening.

The setlist perfectly blended their signature hits, new releases and fan favourites. Songs; "Ring The Alarm" and "Hola Hola" had fans singing along passionately.


One of the night's highlights was the stunning duet performance by So-min and Ji-woo
with "Fxxk you" Their chemistry & vocals shone through, captivating the audience. This
track is from the most recent mini album “ICKY”. When speaking to the fans around the
venue, it was clear that all the fans loved this song with the majority we spoke to ranking
it 2nd or 3rd in their personal rankings of the album.

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BM then took the spotlight with two of his solo tracks, "LIE” & “Broken Me" which
showed his undeniable talent for not only rapping but also for songwriting & producing.


BM and J.SEPH joined forces for a powerful duet, "Been That Boy"Another song from
their most recent mini album. “Been That Boy” is a great high-energy song with
passionate lyrics and delivery which had fans cheering with excitement.

The energy in the venue continued to surge as the group delivered fan-favourite hits,
including "RUMOR", "Don't Recall, "GUNSHOT", "Bomb Bomb" & "Dumb Litty".

As the main part of the show concluded, fans were left craving more, and KARD
returned to the stage for an encore, treating the audience to an additional set of
performances, including "Ride on the wind", "RED MOON", and a reprise of "ICKY"

Throughout the performance, KARD's members engaged with the audience, sharing
their genuine appreciation for the love and support they received in London.


The strong connection between the group and their fans, known as “Hidden KARD,” is clear and
honestly wonderful to see.

Ultimately, KARD's concert was a phenomenal display of talent, energy, and passion.
The group's powerful performances left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance,
and fans left the venue with their hearts full of memories they'll cherish forever.


KARD's music and energy will continue to captivate audiences worldwide, and London was
grateful to experience it firsthand.


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