Alphabat London 2019 fan meeting and workshop.


London Alphas! I hope you got to experience this wonderfully intimate event put together by Beyond ent. The boys taught there fans the choreography to their 2014 popular song - 딴따라 (dadala). it was a very fun experience!

That was followed by a fan meeting upstairs where the group held a Q&A. Everyone seemed to be having a great time helped by the groups bright and cheerful engagement fans even taught the group some some Londoner slang like "peng ting".

Alphabat also sang for there fans and took a few song request. This was followed by a selfie event where fans had the opportunity to take group and/or solo selfies with the members. The group greeted every single fan with a warm and welcoming smile making everyone's day better.

Aphabat are a wonderful group who are 100% deserving of all the love and adoration they receive from their fans. I hope they continue to grow and follow there passions. I look forward to a new album & seeing them in back London again one day hopefully soon.

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