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Top 10 songs of 2022

Since it’s the new year, we thought we share our personal favourite songs from 2022, there was so much great music to choose from happy New Year everyone, and we hope this year is bigger and better than the last for everyone

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I love literally every song on this list ,what a year it has been! It’s going to be hard to pick my top 10 but here it goes:

  1. Anti Fragile- LESSERRAFIM

  2. Astronaut— JIN

  3. Rush Hour - Crush Ft JHOPE

  4. BTBT- B.I

  5. Closer - RM Ft Paul Blanco

  6. Attention - New Jeans

  7. Case 143 -StrayKids

  8. MANIAC - StrayKids

  9. Guerrilla- ATEEZ

  10. JIKJIN - Treasure


Now that was hard….there are so many I could go on and on! But I picked ones that I played on repeat this year so Let’s GET IT! Happy New Year Y’all 😊

Lets hope 2023 brings more kpop bangers! Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us Kpop stans! 💜



This list is great! It was a good year for Kpop music~ My personal 2022 favourites list would be though: Fromis_9 - DM Apink - Free & Love IKON - But you Stray Kids - MANIAC WHEEIN - Make Me Happy TREASURE - DARARI BAMBAM & Seulgi - Who are you OH MY GIRL - Eden New Jeans - Attention TWICE - Talk that Talk



Such good picks!!! This was so difficult choosing a top 10 I wish there could be more placesss!! I think mine would be:

1) TXT -> Thursday's Child Has Far To Go 2) ATEEZ -> Guerrilla 3) (G)I-dle -> Nxde 4) SEVENTEEN -> Shadow 5) PSY & Suga -> That That 6) (G)I-dle-> Tomboy 7) TWICE -> Talk That Talk 8) IVE -> After Like 9) NewJeans -> HypeBoy 10) LE SSERRAFIM -> Anti-fragile Although, there are so many others I could just keep adding to this list for the duration of 2022!! Here's to another year filled with the release of more excellent music from all!! ✨️🥳


1 Nayeon - Pop!

2 Xiumin - Brand New

3 Stray Kids - Maniac

4 Chen - Last Scene

5 Stray Kids - 143

6 J-hope - Arson

7 Itzy - Sneakers

8 Kara - When I Move

9 Gidle - Tomboy

10 Everglow - Pirate

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