SuperM in London! 2020

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

When London's jumping and popping they are certainly Jopping!

Firstly we would like to give special thanks to the team at Magic Sound K-pop and SM entertainment for giving our small company the opportunity review such a big group!

On Friday the 26th of February, Korean-London was fortunate enough to be invited for press at coverage and SuperM's first-ever UK/London show. This show exceeded everyone's expectations and it will be a night fan will never forget. Like Mark said London is the only city to hear I can't stand the rain twice and considering the weather it was only fitting. We all cant stand the rain but it didn't stop an amazing evening.

The night started with an amazing performance of I can't stand the rain and a surprise second performance of I can't stand the rain. Seeing this song performed live really made me appreciate the vocal more than I already did Live vocals are always so much better.

Taemin then stayed to show us his solo stage where he performed danger and goodbye. As I have been a fan of Chinese and training since debut I was over the moon to finally see him perform live and he, of course, did not disappoint because he is the Lee Taemin.

Taeyong came to the stage to perform his amazing song GTA, watching fan cams I was excited to see this and of course, nothing is comparable to Taeyongs passion and energy on stage. He always talks about how much music means to him and that comes across when he is performing.

Unfortunately, I missed the next song Supercar which is one of my favorite b-sides from the album. I hope one day I can see it live!

Luckily I got back just in time to see Ten perform Dream in a Dream and A long term favorite of mine New Heroes. If I could describe the performance in one word it would be ‘Mesmerizing’ his stage presence is so beautifully captivating from his voice to the choreography, I could watch him perform all day.

It was then time for Lucas to perform his unreleased solo song, Bass go boom which is such a fun song! It makes you want to dance from what I recorded that night I think this is the song with the least footage because I couldn't help but dance. I can’t wait for this track to be released I will definitely be having it on repeat.

Baekhyun then preformed his 2 songs Betcha and UN Village for his solo stage. As anticipated his vocals blew me out of the water he has such an amazing voice and deserves the title of being a vocal king.

All of the SuperM members came back to the stage to perform the unreleased song Dangerous Woman. I think everyone should experience this song live, I was in awe and I cannot believe it hasn't been released yet because it is absolutely amazing.

SuperM then performed '2 fast' next, earlier I went around and asked a lot of fans in the venue what their favorite B-side was, 2 fast won by a landslide. Seeing it live I was not at all surprised.

Taeyong and Ten Performed the hit song 'baby don't stop' it was such a pleasure to see it live! I have loved that song ever since it first came out I'm pretty sure I listen to it at least twice a week.

I hadn't heard anything from previous concerts about Marks solo stage & i didn't search anything because i knew i would see it. When he came on stage I was more than pleasantly surprised, Mark performed a song called "talk about" and it was completely my style of music. His flow is amazing, the energy he shows on stage is amazing & his vibe is amazing. I could not give him higher praise for this performance.

Then it was time for Kai to perform confession, I was very professional throughout the entire show but with him being my bias I truly felt like I went back to being a fangirl for those amazing 4 minutes, I feel like it should be a crime that this song is not released yet!

After the journey that was confession some of the members of super M came and performed my absolute favorite b-side ‘No Manners’. I listen to that song on repeat regularly because I love the style, there voices & the beat. Everything about this song is just perfect and I feel honored to have seen that live.

All of super and came back to the stage to perform their unreleased song "with you" which I can only describe as a summer banger! Though it was raining that day there was definitely more than enough sunshine in that room. it's a song that will definitely make you smile and they even did a fun event where they threw signed balls into the crowd, so some crowd members were lucky enough to leave with the members signatures which is amazing

Of course last but not least the long-awaited performance from The Avengers of K-pop SuperM, it was time for Jopping and this may have been one of the most hype crowds I have ever experienced. Jopping is the anthem of SuperM fans and rightfully so. I love the video and it is even better live I could watch it, again and again, I'm sure if I watched them perform Jopping for the whole duration of the concert I would've been satisfied Jopping is an amazing song with amazing artist that SM entertaiment has brought together for 1 iconic movement. SuperM are the future.

London will always be Jopping

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