K-Town Music Night 2020

(Ninja Tea, Kiadd Kontrast, PianWooo, Sunghwan Choi & Santo)

My wave collective gave those who enjoy and appreciate the K-Music scene a great start to the year! on the 8th of January my wave collective hosted a k town music night that showcased local Korean talent.

Sunghwan Choi kicked off the night & he kicked it off amazingly leaving nothing but high expectations. Sunghwan has such a chilled & mellow lofi hip hop vibe that makes his music easy to take in & appreciate, his style & tone really encourages you to listen to his lyrics and understand the story. Though i can not directly compare it to spoken word i feel the engaging response is definitely similar and he has a new supporter here for sure!

I asked Sunghwan if there was a song he would like me to link for the readers and he suggested The Alchemist i hope you give it a listen because it is truly great. I would also like to personally suggest a song called Hiatus I really enjoyed listening to that!

Santo preformed next and he definitely lived up to the high expectations i had! As a long time K-hiphop fan i can say Santo seems like a ready made star straight off of smtm. His energy, lyrics and flow are so on point that i am more than certain he will soon be widely recognized in K-hiphop scene. I look forward to hearing more music from him in the future, I'm very excited to see where Santo will be in 5 years time no doubt doing big things and making his lasting mark on the music industry.

I took the time to listen too his Dis-Eutopia EP and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you also take the time to check it out you will not be disappointed! I would like to suggest the track 몽상가(stargazer) which is first on the EP, i enjoyed all the songs but that was definitely my favorite.

Next up was the dope Manchester x London rap collective Shotgun Triad consisting of the artist Kaidd Kontrast, PianWooo & Ninja Tea. To be honest i had actually heard some of Shotgun Triads music a few weeks beforehand, both solo stuff and as a collective so i expected them to be great and of course they hit it out of the park. They have such addictive grime & hip hop sound and you can tell for sure that they put so much hard work into there music as a team, the three bounce off of each other effortlessly and it takes a massive understanding of each other to do that.You can see that they truly enjoy and care about music when they're performing

Though as a collective they preform amazingly together they all have such great solo songs.

I really enjoyed the 2 song Kaidd preformed on his own 'Masqurade' & 'Grind Forever' Masqurade is so good i downloaded it as soon as i left and a few people asked for the name of the song from our Instagram story!

There is also a solo song that NinjaTea preformed that night that has genuinely been in my head since the moment i left the show untill right now as i'm typing this, its called '1000 Days' its such a good song and clearly very catchy!

Last be definitely not least to preform was PianWooo, though he had performed with shotgun triad already that evening he still gave such great energy to the crowd. He said he was actually a little nervous to preform but you could not tell. I believe when you are passionate about your craft sincerity will always positively overshadow any nervousness. I know if PianWooo keeps working his hardest his talent, passion and sincerity will help him go far in the Khiphop industry and even the western industry too.

PianWooo has a relatively new ep called 'Who Da' and it is a great listen. i asked him if there was any songs he'd like to suggest and he suggested 'Who Dat' & 'TDK'. I second both of those songs! Especially TDK since that is another song that has been stuck in my head.

I also just want to give a quick shout out to DJ Seoul train fro amazing mixing throughout the evening and if you ever wanted a DJ, who plays amazing khiphop i can't recommend him enough!

Overall My Wave Collective hosted and amazing night and i will definitely be going to anymore they arrange!

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