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We were incredibly excited to be traveling from England to Paris to participate in MIK Festival. However when we arrived, we were sadly met with some logistic issues and were left waiting for a few hours to receive our press passes. Although we waited for a few hours for this issue to be sorted, we were glad that it was sorted eventually. So we could finally enjoy our time at the festival.



CHERRY BULLET took the stage at 3 p.m. and immediately brightened the room. These lovely girls have such great energy that it is impossible to watch them perform without a smile on your face. We cannot fault any part of their performance. It started on schedule; they had fun with the crowd, sounded great live, and their dance moves were all on point. It was an all-around great start to the show.



We were excited for B.I. to perform. Neither of us had seen him live before, and he has had some great releases recently. His recent music is fantastic and we hoped it would translate on stage. Thankfully, B.I. did not disappoint! The highlight for many people was his performance of 'btbt', which is a catchy song. After seeing it performed live, it will surely be in everyones head's for months again… But I'm not complaining! B.I has incredible charisma on stage and knows how to work a crowd. He truly is a professional. 



CHUNG HA was made for the stage. Her presence is captivating. She is incredibly talented. Her choreography is so fluid, and her voice is wonderful. She's sung some of her most popular songs and even two songs she told the fans would be on her next album. One of the songs that she sang was entirely in English, and it was great! We are incredibly excited to hear the studio version and the rest of her upcoming album when it's released! 



KARD had a terrific stage. It's incredible to see how well co-ed groups can work when done right, and Kard is the perfect example. They all sound great live, their choreography is neither too feminine nor too masculine. They are excellent as a unit. They match each other perfectly despite being different genders. They know how to get a room excited. It is always a pleasure to watch them perform live.



Pentagon had a very high energy performance. It was so fun to see them live for the first time. They bounce off each other's energies well and we honestly cannot fault any part of their performance. It was enjoyable for us to watch and judging by the cheers in the arena everyone there enjoyed watching the performance too.

Epik High


It is always a pleasure and a gift to see these guys live. They are so funny and talented that you can't help but smile and have a good time. They always joke that they are the OGs of K-pop, but they are the Kings! We saw them live five days before this event and saw them live again. They had us a little worried that we might feel bored, but we had just as impressive of a time as we did five days ago. That speaks volumes about their artistry because, yes. We saw some of the same songs performed in London less than a week prior but still had an amazing time! 


The highlight of Epik Highs' performance was their performance 'Born Hater' with the B.I, which is a classic amongst K-pop and K-HipHop fans. Epik High could perform every week, and people would still have a fantastic time. 

Hwa sa


We could speak for hours about Hwasa’s performance. She is gorgeous, she has stage presence, she has an amazing voice, and her smile is infectious. Anyone who has had the opportunity to see Hwasa perform live will know that words will never do her justice, What we will say is, if you ever get the chance, PLEASE go see her perform live. Many fans seemed really happy that she incorporated some Mamamoo songs into her set! Hopefullyl, she and Mamamoo will embark on a European tour one day!



Before the show even started, we saw many Melody among the concert goers. So, it was no surprise that the stadium erupted when BTOB took the stage! It is no secret that BTOB have amazing vocals, but it was an honour to actually see them live.  Much like what was said for Hwasa, words can’t do justice explaining how outstanding the performance was.  We all had an incredible time singing along to every song, danced and jumped around with many Melody. When they sang 'Missing You', it was a very emotional moment for the fans in the crowd and a great way to end there set.

Photo 21-02-2023, 01 13 37 (1).jpg



Unfortunately I didn't get to see the beginning of Hyoyeon's DJ set, but I could hear it thankfully! Her song choices were great! I did manage to go back in for her performance after her dj set, she has such great energy, the genre of music she's focusing on at the moment really suits her as an artist and really highlights her talents.



 I have to say, Taeyeon was a great final act. She looked absolutely ethereal during her performance. I hope my words are not mistaken for criticism, but in comparison to most of the performers, her set seemed more chilled out. Which, in my opinion, is precisely what you needed at the end of the festival. It was great to listen to her vocals and appreciate the smoothness of her voice.

Ultimately, despite the issues at the beginning of the day we did really enjoy the festival. The organisation of the actual M.I.K festival itself went really well. Everything was on schedule, people were having fun. We would definitely attend one of these events again for sure. To the fans, We would suggest attending any future MIK festivals that may come up! 


With all this said, as a team we give this whole experience an 8 out of 10!

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